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Bridegroom Speech

You thought popping the question was tricky, but now you've got to write your Bridegroom Speech. Well no need to worry, help is at hand, I can confirm that you have come to the right place...even if you have left it until the last minute!

All those thoughts and feelings that you thought would transfer so easily from your brain to that blank piece of paper in front of you are stuck in transit.

With the exception of your future Bride, I could be the other woman who makes your wedding one to remember!

Whether you require my bespoke service from the conception of your speech or just to help put the finishing touches to it, I will give you a fair quote....Contact me now!....there's no time to waste to write your bridegroom speech.

"To say I'd nearly written off the idea of getting married because I didn't want to write/make a speech is not an understatement, so when Tracy was recommended to me I did what I do best, I delegated her the job!

Sadly Tracy couldn't deliver the speech for me, but she did give me the confidence to think that for 15 minutes I could master the microphone.

I am not planning on getting married again, but should I ever need to write another speech there will be only one person for the job - "Tracy!"

Andrew Radiven -


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