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Reunion Poem

Well 4 those of u who don't know, I've been writing speeches 4 yrs.
Helping out those who on big occasions have fears.
When I am not doing that I spring into verse,
Cos at poems people find at that they're even worse!

Now it's my pleasure to welcome you all here,
Whether you've travelled from afar, or come from very near.
I can't believe we are all here and thank G-d in good health
No doubt we've all learnt that's the true value of wealth.

So what of the characters who I knew so long ago?
They all look the same, nearing 50 doesn't show...

I'll start with the eldest, Naddy as he is known by all his friends.
He was the 1st one to drive, but not us around the bends.
A nicer man you couldn't wish to meet
That's because living amongst the Bassetts' made him very sweet!

Wayne, always a lovely boy with a melodious voice
Don't suppose losing your hair was your particular choice.
But looking at you now you look exactly the same
Which only goes to show, who needs a mane!!!!

So to my next door neighbour, Mark, well he's not been that for a while,
Where many girls were concerned, he had a winning smile.
But to me his tree house was the best thing about him,
By the way, you're looking very fit, been training in the gym?

Dane, complete with Aussie suntan looks exactly the same
And I have to say tonight, I'm really glad you came.
Of course without reconnecting on FB I wouldn't have made this do
So getting together, well it's really thanks to you.

And then there's Simon Walton our very own Bay City Roller
He didn't get where he is today by drinking Coca Cola
The years have been kind, must be Gail keeping you in check
That or mixing with us Jews and having a good old "beck!"

Carl I decided to leave you until the last
Probably because you've had the most chequered past!
I hope tonight starts your birthday celebrations off right
And it was ok returning to Whitefield for 1 night!

Sorry girls I'm not doing a verse on each of you
But it goes without saying, like me you all look fab to...
Thanks for all the help in the kitchen it was great
I know like me for tonight you couldn't wait.

And so I'll close this little rhyme
Hoping our next meeting is in less than 30 years time.
A toast to all of us, may our faces always smile
Each and everyday for at least a short while.

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