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Response by the worshipful master

Responding to a toast as Worshipful Master may remind you of your wedding day. You weren't sure what to write then and there's no change now!

Well if you want to deliver a speech to remember to commemorate your memorable year despite the men only clause, on this occasion, I am the "man" for the job...

Whether you require my bespoke service from the conception of your speech or just to help put the finishing touches to it, I will give you a fair quote....Contact me now!....there's no time to waste to write your response by the worshipful master.

"Tracy responded to the task of writing my Installation speech with equal amounts of humour and facts, which went down well with my fellow brethren. I will be commissioning her to write all my speeches during my term in office, and I recommend you do the same."

Peter of London.


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