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Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If your speechwriting question is not answered below, please contact me

Q. How long will it take you to write my speech?

A. Whilst I pride myself on the quality of my speeches/poems this quality takes a lot of time to achieve. If possible please provide me with as much time as your schedule will allow for me to create your own personal masterpiece.

Q. Will anyone else know that I didn't write the speech?

A. No. I provide a confidential service, no one will ever know that you didn't create your own speech.

Q. How much does each speech cost?

A. It depends on the length of the speech and the work involved. For a free no obligation approximate quote contact me here.

Q. Could you help me to learn how to deliver my speech?

A. Yes, I do provide this additional service and if it is not possible to meet this service will take the format of a tape.

Q. What format will I receive my speech?

A. Your individual masterpiece will be emailed to you, but if necessary I will transfer it to cards or paper of whatever colour or size [where possible].

Whether you require my bespoke service from the conception of your speech or just to help put the finishing touches to it, I will give you a fair quote....Contact me now!....there's no time to waste to write your speech or poem.


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